You know the islands of The Bahamas but do you know our northernmost island? It’s Grand Bahama, encompassing Freeport (the city), Lucaya, West End, Eight Mile Rock and McLeans Town. Other towns include Pinder’s Point, Russell Town, Smith’s Point, William’s Town, and more — most named after the families who founded them.

 Freeport, well known as the second city of The Bahamas, was originally developed to provide tropical fun for visitors to enjoy upscale resorts and life-changing experiences. Freeport’s natural attractions are among its finest assets, and is the only place where you can see all six of The Bahamas’ ecosystems on one trail. Freeport also has a diverse mixture of beach bars, clubs, pubs, and sunset cruises, all to make for fantastic nightlife. Take in native entertainment in Port Lucaya Marketplace—fire and limbo dancing, Rake & Scrape, or local talent at Garden of The Groves, to name a few. Annual festivals, highlighted by Junkanoo, also help to keep the island continuously buzzing with excitement.

With water temperatures averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, water sports are a natural activity of choice. Bring yourswim gear, grab a towel, and get started! Kayak tours take you through the mangroves of Gold Rock Creek, where you can see marine animals up close and where unique birds live, or to a small cay where you can snorkel and see an abundance of the most beautiful marine life. Kayaks, wave runners, paddle boats, windsurfing boards, banana boat rides and parasailing are all available.

Guided tour options on Freeport include historical explorations, off-road adventures, and city tours that feature must-do shopping sprees. You will get to visit the island’s heritage sites, residential communities, the downtown commercial business centre, the open-air vendors’ market, and the deepwater harbour.

Freeport is also known for industry and has well-known factories. At the Perfume Factory you can take a walk through the process of producing beautiful island scents. You can even make your own! Here you can enjoy the opportunity of great finds – like the lavender sleep aid, and the aloe skin enhancer, products you will only find there. There is also the Bahamian Brewery, makers of Sands beer, Strong Back Stout, and Bush Crack Beer. These beverage names are synonymous to our Bahamian culture…and their tastes!

There are many other tours and explorations to take advantage of in The Bahamas’second city. You can swim with dolphins on many vacations, but only at UnExso in Freeport can you experience Robala and Kayla. These dolphins have character—friendly, entertaining and a little cheeky like their trainers, Raguel and Tristan. These performance dolphins love the roar of the audience and are gladly willing to earn it.

Aside from all the activities available in Freeport, due to its ample size, these do not hinder the opportunity to enjoy a totally relaxed vacation doing absolutely nothing at howells ac . There are stretches of beautiful beaches on all ends of the island and lovely resorts to accommodate your stay. And if you need a full vacation package, you can get flight, hotel and transportation in one booking.

The best part of Freeport as an ideal getaway is that it is only 97 short miles away from Fort Lauderdale where Bahamasair offers two convenient flights daily; flights are each only 35 minutes. This trip is a no brainer. Take a load off and hop over to Freeport. We promise, you would do this again and again and again!


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