Ticket Refund Form

Bahamasair Policy

  1. The Airline will refund in full all Bahamasair issued tickets marked as ‘Refundable’.
  2. The Airline will not refund Bahamasair issued tickets marked as ‘NON REFUNDABLE’ unless…
  3. Classified as ‘Involuntary’ where the airline is unable to accommodate the passenger. Involuntary tickets are refundable in full.
  4. Tickets purchased at least five days or more prior to a flight’s departure may be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours of ticket purchase time. These tickets are refundable in full and the refund applies to REFUNDABLE and NON REFUNDABLE Tickets.


NOTE:  Please be advised that fee waivers are still available for name, destination and date changes - until Mar. 31, 2021. (Call 702-4140 or (800) 222-4262.) We encourage you to take advantage of this option to utilise your flights for later travel.


To make a a refund pplication please visit:  https://book.bahamasair.com/web/Feedback.xhtml and select "Refund" under 'Category.'

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