Ticket Refund Form

Bahamasair Policy

  1. All Bahamasair tickets purchased directly from the airline, marked as ‘REFUNDABLE,’ will be refunded ($15.00 + VAT processing fee applies)
  2. NON-REFUNDABLE tickets will not be refunded unless:
      1. Classified as ‘Involuntary’ where the airline is unable to accommodate the passenger
      2. Airline Schedule change
      3. Airline Initiated Flight Cancellation
      4. Tickets purchased at least five days before a flight’s departure may be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours of ticket purchase time
  3. (Tickets that meet the above conditions are refundable in full and apply whether REFUNDABLE or NON-REFUNDABLE.)


To make a refund application please visit:  https://book.bahamasair.com/web/Feedback.xhtml and select "Refund" under 'Category.'

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