Bahamasair Frequent Flyer Programme


Welcome to BAHAMASAIR FLYER Program, a reward scheme for our most loyal passengers.

Awards can be obtained for free travel on BAHAMASAIR.

Your FLYER membership card is included in this welcome pack. As a valued member of Flyer, BAHAMASAIR has already credited your account with a sign-up bonus of 500 points!

The more times you travel on BAHAMASAIR, the more points you will earn.

Please notify The FLYER Program Office as soon as possible if your name or address changes.


When you travel on a full fare ticket BAHAMASAIR will automatically update your account with points earned, provided you have given your membership number to the reservations, airport or travel agent at the time of travel.

Points will be awarded in the account of the FLYER member whose name is on the ticket, irrespective of who pays for the ticket. FLYER points are not transferable between accounts.

Points are credited from the time of enrollment forward, up to one year.

However, if a member takes a subsequent flight which is not properly credited, the member should return the ticket passenger coupon and boarding pass stubs to The FLYER Program Office to ensure proper crediting of the member’s account.

Retroactive crediting will be accepted up to 90 days following the date of the activity.

The minimum mileage accrual for any sector shall be 500 points, regardless of the actual length of the journey. Sectors longer than 500 miles will accrue the actual number of miles traveled.

Please Note: Members have at least two full years in which to redeem points earned through FLYER. All points in a member’s account remain valid for two years following that member’s most recent BAHAMASAIR flight. Therefore, theoreti- cally a member’s points may never expire, provided that member continues to fly on BAHAMASAIR at least once every two years!


Every quarter (regardless of activity) you shall receive a statement of your account. This statement details all credits and debits against your account. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact The FLYER Program Office at: (242) 377-8451 ext. 2046/2064 or send a fax to the office at (242) 377-1812.

You can also send us an email at

Or write us at:
Bahamasair Flyer Office
P. O. Box N4881
Nassau, Bahamas.


20,000 points is needed to fly free on all routes except Havana and Providenciales. Redemption of awards is simple. You may contact The FLYER Program Office via telephone, fax, or e-mail to request your award. Awards will be processed and ticketed within the policies and guidelines of the program via electronic ticket unless this service is not available at the destination being requested by the member.

These E-tickets are valid for 13 months after issuance.

There are two types of award categories, Plan Ahead Awards and Anytime Awards. A Plan Ahead Award must be requested within 7 days prior to travel and require 20000 points. Plan Ahead awards may be subject to blackout dates or capacity controls.

Anytime Awards, however, are booked with a very high priority to ensure that your required travel needs are met and require 40,000 points.

It is necessary to contact The FLYER Program Office a minimum of 7 days prior to your departure to allow time to receive your award certificate.

Any changes to your travel arrangements once an award ticket is issued shall result in a charge of $60 for each ticket each time that it must be altered.

Points for totally unused awards can be credited back to your account, and will result in a re-deposit charge of $35 per award certificate.

Points will be checked for their expiration dates, and only miles which have not yet expired will be re-deposited into the member’s account. Partially used award tickets will be considered as used, and will not be eligible for re-deposit.

FLYER has been designed to ease the process of obtaining awards. If you have any questions about the redemption process, please contact The FLYER Program Office.

FLYER points may be redeemed as follows, and are based on round-trip travel:

  • Destination: Family Island
    Plan Ahead Awards: 20,000 points
    Anytime Award: 40,000 points
  • Destination: Florida
    Plan Ahead Awards: 20,000 points
    Anytime Award: 40,000 points
  • Destination: Caribbean
    Plan Ahead Awards: 25,000 points
    Anytime Award: 40,000 points


The following terms and conditions apply to all members of the program:

  1. Tickets may be subject to airport taxes or other regulatory charges. These charges must be paid by the member upon receipt of tickets or service vouchers.
  2. Point accrual begins on enrollment.
  3. Points are not awarded for travel taken on fares subject to special promotions and/or deep discounts. The member should check with BAHAMASAIR or its designated representatives to confirm fare applicability.
  4. Points will only be accrued to the account of the FLYER member who travels. Points cannot be transferred, combined or exchanged under any circumstances.
  5. Accounts with a zero balance for 24 consecutive months shall be deemed inactive and will be cancelled.
  6. Membership can be withdrawn without notice.
  7. Awards which are transferred for profit are considered void.
  8. Any case of fraud or embezzlement in connection with FLYER points or awards will be subject to appropriate judicial procedures. BAHAMASAIR reserves the right to invalidate all tickets or service reservations issued from a fraudulent account, as well as all earned points. The airline may also declare a member’s account invalid.
  9. If there is any suspicion surrounding the use of a free ticket or service by an individual other than the one in whose name the ticket has been issued, the passenger may, at any time during the flight, be asked to provide proof of identity.
  10. Members are responsible for the payment of any taxes on the awards.
  11. BAHAMASAIR reserves the right to withdraw FLYER membership from anyone violating any of the terms and conditions. In such case, all points are automatically invalidated.
  12. Airline employees, tour conductors and travel agency staff along with members of their families are not eligible for FLYER points when traveling on industry reduced rate or free tickets.
  13. BAHAMASAIR reserves the right to adjust the status of any member account where there has not been activity for a 24 month period.

Members can now redeem their awards for tickets at Bahamasair Sales Offices in Nassau, Freeport and at the Bahamasair counters in Eleuthera. You can also check your statement online at