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Automated Exchange & Refund facility using Manage Booking is for Web Ticket customers only.

Automated Exchange & Refund facility using Manage Booking is for Web Ticket customers only.

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We take the Customer Service Plan very seriously. We know that you our valued passengers expect nothing less. However, the Customer Service Plan does not create contractual or legal rights. Rather, our contractual rights and obligations are set out in our conditions of carriage, applicable tariffs, all of which provide additional details on the matters discussed and must be consulted to fully understand your rights and our obligations. For example, we are not responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages for delays, cancellations, lost baggage, late refunds, or instances in which we do not meet our service goals.

Consistent with DOT regulations, Bahamasair’s Plan covers all scheduled and public charter flights operated by the airline.

Bahamasair Assurances to Customers:

Note: Consistent with Bahamasair’s contract of carriage, the tarmac delay contingency plan of the operating carrier governs when another carrier operates a flight on which the Bahamasair (UP) code is displayed.

Important: Customers are notified of the following information regarding certain customer service provisions during a lengthy tarmac delayed flight

  • Deplaning of customers may occur when it is safe and secure to do so at either a terminal gate or at a designated aircraft parking position on airport grounds via stairs and ground transportation, if needed.
  • All customers who want to deplane from a flight that has experienced a lengthy tarmac delay and make alternative travel arrangements consistent with airline ticketing policies may do so when it is determined to be safe and secure, after the aircraft has been moved into position for deplaning, all operational requirements for deplaning have been completed and the pilot-in- command has allowed customer deplaning to begin. Deplaned passengers should be aware that flight could depart anytime and they should remain within the boarding areas to hear flight departure announcements
  • In most cases, the flight will continue to its destination after passengers who have chosen to deplane do so.

Effective August 23, 2011

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